Cancerslug:Disemboweling Little Girls For Fun And Profit Lyrics

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This song is performed by Cancerslug.
i put little girls like you in the ground
with your tounge chewed out you wont make a sound
as i slice you stomach letting your entrails spill out
and as im dragging you into the back of the van
i gotta think you understand
that its alright, even if you put up a fight
and when its over, or until i gotta find another
im gonna love you untill you die
so please stop asking the reasons why
i think you know, on with the show
an aching love i can't let go
and as the lights fade, under the nights shade
im going to be the one holding your hand, until the bitter end
and although i hate to see you cry, i think you know
im gonna love you until you die
Disemboweling Little Girls for Fun and Profit

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