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The Things You Don't See

This song is by Canasta and appears on the album We Were Set Up (2005).

Something was different
When you woke up today
Feelings had changed
But exactly how you couldn't say
You left the house whistling
The tune played by your alarm
And tapped out a backbeat
On the fore of your arm

You walked the same way every day, but today
Your footsteps become dances
You talk the same way every day, but today
Your phrases become stanzas
You've driven this way every day, but today
Your car rolls the road like a drum
You've given away your love
Now she plays on your heartstrings
And they hum

The moment it happens is easy to miss
I promise the changes they won't be
It's amazing a quiet revelation like this
Allows you to hear all the things you don't see
But now you've felt it too
There's no going back
It's a beautiful thing
A beautiful thing
Now but It's no wonder you
Would do what you can
To capture the sound
Of the world in full swing

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