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Slow Down Chicago

This song is by Canasta and appears on the album We Were Set Up (2005).

I'd like to ask this town to slow down
Selfish, I know
But I think it's come to this.
I'm losing my breath and I'd take a break
If I thought I could
But the things I've been doing
To keep this town moving
Would surely be missed

From the corner of State and Madison, I cried,
"Chicago Slow Down"
A few folks glanced over
But none broke their stride
That's when I found

This town it breathes on its own
With or without me
The skyline wakes up whether or not I get out of bed
El trains, they rumble along
And headlines will happen with no help from me
And when I can't keep it all up
I'll sing, "La, la, la, la"

It kills me to ask a thing of this town
Not mine alone
A burden I'd hate to be
I'm losing my step
And as I fall back
My life is living itself
But the seeds I've been sowin'
Could keep this town goin'
If only she'd wait for me

From the 95th floor, I looked out and I prayed,
"Chicago Slow Down"
But the teeming streets shrugged off
The plea that I had made
That's when I found

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