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Microphone Song

This song is by Canasta and appears on the album We Were Set Up (2005).

So, here I sit
Pen hangs forever an inch above the page
Feels just like schoolwork
Thought I'd be through with all that by this age
Caffeinated ideas race to and fro I can't catch even one
Two hours to go
Someone remind me that this should be fun

I'm tired of trying
To express what's not there
Forming opinions worthy to share
I've got things I'm thinking but why would you care?
Who am I?

'Cause on the ki-ki-kinda day like today
When I-I-I've got nothing to say
I feel that my-my-my words get in the way
Of what the fi-fi-five of them are trying to play
So please do-do-don't pay attention to me
'Cause I'm go-go-goin' broke lyrically
And if a po-po-poet's what I wanted to be
A micropho-pho-phone's not something I'd need

Still here I sit
Minutes to go and I'm losing my cool
I start to resent
All those of you who swear by the rule
That great rock n roll isn't just something you pick up and play
But great rock n roll should always have something of value to say

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