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This song is by Canasta and appears on the album We Were Set Up (2005).

I've been awake for 27 years
You've been asleep for just as long
And that's just about to change

I'm finally drifting off just as
You start to stir
But don't you think it's strange?
I know you've gotta get going, but you
See this is the only moment
Where our lives overlap

Let's take a minute and lie here
And remember it when you
Come home to find me
Still sleeping
But you shouldn't wake me up
I'll drift away and dream that you continued to stay
There by my side
Some days that might just be
The extent to which this relationship exists
While I'm inside
You're out there on your busride

Next time we speak you'll be in another city
Just call me when you
Just call me when you
Just call me when you get there, baby

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