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An Apology

This song is by Canasta and appears on the album We Were Set Up (2005).

Ed wasn't like the other boys
So someone said,
"I'll bet he goes for boys" and we agreed
We made jokes and I made friends
With all the guys who'd never speak to me

A family moved in up the street
In English they chose not to speak
We couldn't grasp that ideology
So we threw eggs and I threw up
The next best thing to an apology

But somehow
We turned out all right
For awhile they had to wonder
If our fear would pull us under

When I was eight I tempted fate
A big mistake
I told a girl she meant the world to me
I broke down when she broke up
And spent the rest of recess in a tree

I wasn't always thin like this
A TV lovin' kid
I'd walk to class while insults followed me
They grew quiet as I grew up
But when will I get my apology?

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