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All This Dust

This song is by Canasta and appears on the album We Were Set Up (2005).

Lived my life inside a fuse box
Put my doubts up on the stage
Stored our secrets in the basement
A mason jar of jealousy and rage

All this dust it will destroy you
The photographs they make it hard for you to breathe
Throw your pennies to the mice and
Lock the door tight when you leave

I've been thinking you should settle down
Send a postcard when you do
I'll let the angels know you'll be around
Just in case they manage to get through
And they ask for you

Your piano is on fire, dear
It's always one last cigarette
Rest a spell and sit for me here
And I will trace your silhouette

The moment to decide is drawing nearer
Sometime between this stoplight and the next one
Happiness lives in your rearview mirror
But you're blinded by the setting sun

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