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Take A Chance

This song is by Can You Keep A Secret.

Embrace the stage with a fearless passion
To overtake their eyes in a dreamers fashion
Well I've been dying to
I've been dying to
Make something of myself
I want to leave this town for good

So take your hands from my eyes
And realize

You only get one shot to be
Young at the heart
You're dying to find out what you want
Why don't you just be who you are?

You're wasting time when you're afraid
Trying not to make the same mistakes
That you made
So you lost your place in line
As I've done a million times
I'll show you how
I'll show you how to take a chance

So take your hands from your eyes
And realize

Jumpstart your heart to the rhythm
Let's put the beat of your feet to your heartbeat
And don't stop till you feel like your living
Let it out!
Let it out!
Let it all out!

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