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The First Step

This song is by Can't Stand Losing and appears on the album Can't Stand Losing (2006).

Don't be afraid, moving on is always hard
Taking that first step is a chance that you'll just have to take
Is there a reason, that you can't find your way
I know it's hard but you can't live life so cowardly
That false look still on your face
You have to choose now take that first step, take it today
Wipe off the grim look that's on your face
Fear can't stop you now
It's the strength inside that keeps you safe
Every inch that you take will mutilate the pain you have, and help you move on closer every day
No time to look back your on a steady pace
Fear can't stop you now, in a place you never thought exist
Don't ever hold back, don't ever quit
Now what do you think of yourself

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