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​Killing The Dream

This song is by Can't Stand Losing and appears on the album Can't Stand Losing (2006).

Nothing is left, all hope has disappeared
What more do I have to lose
Everything is not perfect, this life's a horrid train wreck
But you chose to ignore this tragedy
Nothing left to lose
I am killing the dream, not the person you want me to be, change is for the weak
Can't cope with the truth
I'd rather die then be one with you
Don't pretend everything's ok, this world is not a place to carry out your dreams, I tried so many times and it gets harder every day
Don't turn your back just wait and see
What you won't believe
With every fall I will rise back up and I will kill, kill your dreams
I am so sick of what you are, never will I be like you
Killing the dream, not what you want me to be