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Pawn Of The Portrait

This song is by Can't Face The Falling.

Like a breath you birth into a heated beam of re-recycled energy,
I was the pawn of the portrait, now to be painter who chooses her palette.
The discourse decided by your aftermath,
The hurt of our absence in your epitaph,
You've taught me the lesson of silent lips, keep tight let no one in, unbreakable can't exist.

Now sleep tight inside these images that I've created to surround you.
As we trim up the edges of your shattered forms (but not to neat) as you like yourselves to look worn.

Hush now, I'm quietly on the front.
It's time for an inforcement for karma hunt.
I'm camoflauged in my new untrust and hidden between every lie I've watched come undone.
Your last breath you'll release and return to me, with regrets that you still hold so much of me.
Just let it go and say good night.
Just let it die and say good bye.

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