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The Long Plastic Hallway

This song is by Camper Van Beethoven and appears on the album New Roman Times (2004).

Cigarettes and carrot juice
Marijuana and lots of booze
I threw the flower of youth into that stew
The serpent tongues were red and pointy
But they were wearing very cool shoes
Who wouldn't wanna sell their soul?

We waited in line for hours
With VIP passes and bouquets of flowers
To see the brand new siren sing her song
The virgins were then thrown into volcanos
A beating heart was held up in the air (aloft)
And no expense (account) was spared.

Quetzecotal and Busby Berkely
Hanging out over Pasadena with
Rodney on the ROQ and David Byrne
Playing on a flying saucer
Box O'Laffs was supporting Talking Heads
Everyone was high or having a real good time.

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