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Joe Stalin's Cadillac

This song is by Camper Van Beethoven and appears on the album Camper Van Beethoven (1986).

Joe Stalin's Cadillac
This is Joe Stalin's Cadillac
We're just drivin' 'round the block in Joe Stalin's Cadillac

LBJ's Cadillac
LBJ's Cadillac
We're just peein' on the side of the road in LBJ's Cadillac

Aw, this is Somoza's Cadillac
This is Somoza's Cadillac
We're just drivin' 'round the block in Somoza's Cadillac

General Pinochet's Cadillac
General Pinochet's Cadillac
Can't go left in General Pinochet's Cadillac

Well my Cadillac
Is Johnson's Cadillac
Is Stalin's Cadillac
Is Somoza's Cadillac
Is General Pinochet's Cadillac and be referred to Reagan's Cadillac

Gonna drive my Cadillac off a bridge
Gonna drive my Cadillac of a bridge
If I can find a bridge I'll drive my Cadillac off a bridge

Where's the bridge?
Has anybody seen the bridge?

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