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In Love With A Thug

This song is by Camoflauge and appears on the album Keepin It Real (2002).

(Feat. Roam)

You done fell in love wit a thug
You in trouble baby
Cause you done fell in love wit a thug
And it ain't a damn thing a damn thing you can do about it

(Verse 1: Camoflauge)
Lord knows it's been hard for boo
You stood by a nigga like glue, its true
That I done fucked up plenty of times and you forgave my
And that's why I'm here for you baby
And when I went to jail you was there phone calls and visits
T-shirts and underwear
Little mama you did it
When I came home it was the same song
Out on the corner all night still tryna get my hustle on
You hated but you still waited up till I made in
Questioning where the hell I been and then
Came the love makin' and the tongue kissing
On a mission to hit that ass in every position
Wishin for peace, love, and happiness
Are you happy (yes)
Well lay your tired head on my chest
Get you some rest
Everything gone by ain't what what
I know you fell like you hooked on drugs ('cause)

(Verse 2: Camoflauge)
I see you blowing up my phone
Sayin' make it home
You all alone
Give me about an hour uh oh
I cought the dail tone
Another agruement with me and my boo
I spend more times in the streets then I do wit you
But hey I gotta get it how I live baby
I tryna give you nice things and pay these bills baby
Shit, your homegirl said she seem me at the club
Fuckin' wit some chicken head
Oh you gone follow her up damn
What ever happened to that thing called trust
What ever happened to that thing called us
Guess what, we gotta make this thing work and shit
I don't even gotta tell you what you did

Whoa now, slowdown
Little ma what's your problem
I hope that I can try to help you solve them
Boo listen I know you upset I understand (you don't want a walk-time man)
But shit I'm out her everyday tryna make a better way for us hey
This life I'm livin' it's so dangerous ok
You think I'm chasing bitches but I'm out here chasing riches
When I'm wit my niggaz you figure I'm in some bitches
Britches down, oh you wanna run back to your mama
Don't you think she getting tired of this drama
Cause you and I both know what's up
You gone be right back where you was

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