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North Austin Slim

This song is by Calvin Russell and appears…

We were sitting in the pool hall
On this cold and rainy day
Tellin' jokes and funny stories
Just to pass some time away

The door slowly opened a
And a form crept softly in
Everyone had to stop their kidding when they saw
North Austin Slim

I'll be damn said this dude from Waco
If it ain't Ole North Side Austin Slim
We're gonna have to make a brand new language
To describe the shape he's in

One night I was drinkin' in a tavern
Puttin' on a mighty stew
That's when trouble happened to wander in
And she sat beside me too

So I asked her I she wanted to have a drink
And she sweetly said she would
As I gazed into those beautiful eyes
Well I thought I understood

I ain't sayin' women are my trouble
I ain't sayin' women are no good
I'm just sayin' that I can't live with'em
But without'em I wouldn't live
Even if I could

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