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Can We Kiss?

This song is by Calvin Johnson.

What I wanna know is can we kiss?
Can we find a way to
Sidestep the usual
Strange unveiling?
Strange unveiling
Can we kiss?
Can we kiss?

Oh on my arm
On the back of your neck
We could meet halfway at your lips,
You graze my cheek
Such a delicious wrist
Can we kiss?
Can we kiss?

Kiss... oh woah woah woah...

What would happen if we happened to kiss?
Would the clouds curl up, would the earth still exist?
Would the stars melt down to a waxen pool?
Would the sky fall down like I'm falling for you?
You... you...

Would I be out of place
To lean over and touch your cheek?
Searching for longing in your face
Oh I barely breathe
There's longing in every step I make
I know your Cupid's bullseye
I'm Cupid's flame-darkened alibi
Are we gonna let this mild contradiction
Keep us from kissing?

Can we... now... now... now...

All I wanna know
What I wanna know

Is can we... kiss?

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