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Saying Something Means Nothing

This song is by Call It Sleep.

I said it, to many times. Many laughs.
Its less than what I said. Try and laugh.

Lets hope that we, go all threw.
Can you hear it, don't you believe it.

Your by my side, will dance in the winter.
Of December. You told me when to.

Say, no. I'll go.

Lets go back, upstairs. Where I can see you.
Where I'll kiss you. Can you hide back.
In the bathroom. Where I'll see and you say.

Say, no
Hey, no

I'll be the ghost, you'll be my snow.
When many winters pass.
I'll stay...

Lets go,
I'll stay with you, forever
I won't go.

Saying something, brings it back to me.
Shout it all out, means nothing to me.
Winter pass.

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