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This song is by Call It Sleep.

Let this be me, This is how I feel.
When I'm all alone.
When your around, your sitting by my side.
Its quiet, I feel her smooth skin.

I know that she will go. I gave it 6 months.
It was, a waste of my time.

I can't wait until all this dies.
When it does I will be dead.
How romantic can it be, will take a picture and see.
I'll take a knife and stab you, Stab you.

Going this threw over again, with you.

Oh no. I know. I don't wanna go, I have sadness.

Just stab me, just stab me...
Maybe I'll die without you.
Holding this bouquet for you.

Cut off my ribs, take out my intestents.
Rap it all around this boquet I bought you.
Maybe I'm not so bad for me to say this.
That love always dies.

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