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Hoopin' And Humpin'

This song is by Call It Arson and appears on the EP Animal Strings (2006).

Well here's a little story about where I'm from.
It's just an itty bitty city called New London.
I've had a fever since I was six years old,
But you never get old if you die,
In the town of New London.

Well I woke up one day and said, "I love my life."
I don't need no kids, I don't need no wife.
Just a pocket full of cash and a bottle of booze,
Minus the cash.
In the town of Old Saybrook.

My friend BJ he punched me in the face,
And my little cousin Billy pissed all over the place.
So I pour another drink and I punch him right back,
You're invited to the party, now howabout that?
In the town of Deep River.

Now I'm hoopin' and humpin' in a backwater town,
And I keep a shotgun in the back of my truck.
Never read a book in my whole damn life,
So don't talk about "stuff" I don't give a fuck.
In the town of Higganum.

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