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Butterflies Rape The Sound

This song is by Call It Arson and appears on the album Call It Arson (2005).

Butterflies rape the sound,
That I lent you when you were down.
I've been far from my home,
And I call nothing my own.
With the exception of my words,
That make touch with nouns and verbs.

Remember I was there a night ago.
Did you notice, did you know,
What went on in my head?
I'd prefer to leave things unsaid,
And so this song is for my friends,
And not some girl. I can't pretend,
That I'm cool with everything.
It's the breath I need to sing.

It's just like when he died and cops showed up,
Bearing bad news. I forgot,
All the details but they sucked.
Take my word it was fucked up,
I swear.

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