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Vanishing Rites (Tread Softly Little One)

This song is by Caligula's Horse and appears on the album Moments From Ephemeral City (2011).

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Come on in
Make yourself comfortable
Just sit down there
Lock the door
I'll beg for more while you whisper softly to yourself

In the dark
You all sound so similar
But I'm listening
Feel your sin
Sweet and succulent
Penetrates my very skin

Just remember we are watching you
We have got eyes everywhere

You are in this till the end
I would tread quite softly now if I were you my friend

It's a promise you made
When you were quite small
So keep on keeping close
Watch your step now
Close your eyes or you might fall

Have no fear
Just confess and disappear

Get inside the box and let me watch

Have no fear
Just confess and disappear