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Equally Flawed

This song is by Caligula's Horse and appears on the album Moments From Ephemeral City (2011).

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His figure benighted
By revelation on his face
Beyond all refutation
And I understand his intentions
But don't say a word

His smile it's hiding
A purpose veiled
Beyond my comprehension
Subtle condescension
I let him walk inside

We're all born equally flawed
Into a world of closed doors
This we accept despite question or reason
To save our souls

But I won't take your force-fed dogma

I don't want mindless conjectures
On nature's objectives

My mind won't adhere to your silence

You see the world without flaws
It's a lie without cause
Insignificant when all's said and done
But it's no less inspiring

And I don't care how you say god loves

Laws will remain
And will forever
Until the universe contracts again

He needn't exist for the world to be

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