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​Excuse Me

This song is by California Coach.

It always was like I want it to be
But now that's it and I think I disagree
Every day you're here pickin'on me
But I'm sorry that's my personality

It was like in my dream imagination
But what I forgot was, that you had your own motivation
Without you

Excuse Me, that's my way to be
Excuse Me that's what I always wanted to be
Excuse Me, if you disagree
Than I'm sorry,
'Cause I'm only me!

Tell me was your love for real
Or was our time together just a deal
I think I can't handle this alone
But you just want to be on your own

I'm sorry but like this we can't go on
We have to solve this to carry on
Before our relationship is gone
And both of us are again alone
Without you