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This song is by Calibretto 13 and appears on the album Adventures In Tokyo (2002) by Calibretto.

Here in America I'm proud to say
That everyone's free and everything's OK
Do what you feel cuz it's all good
Live how you want and not how you should
This is America land of oppurtunity
We kill our babies and we worship nudity
Our government's corrupted, sin is accepted
Forget about Jesus, cuz he is rejected
Make your own god, worship yourself
Put the bible on the shelf
Here in America we do what we want
We're a Christian nation believe it or not
Now it ain't alright and it ain't all good
Let me tell you something you've misunderstood
The red, white and blue just ain't in my blood
Maybe it's because of what this country's done
Now if we were founded on "In God we Trust"
We gave it up for sinful lust
Now there will come a day when we're gonna pay
So America turn back the other way!

I am an American and the country in which I live
Is a country of hope and happiness and freedom it will give
But I don't see it that way becausen this holy blessed land
Has turned its back on the great I Am and jumped from his holy hand

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