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This song is by Calen.

Once again
The instantaneous is delayed
Satisfaction is withheld
Should I fake normality
For a chance to be with you?
My eyes ask a question
You dare not answer
And your silence eats away at me
Like a deadly cancer

You're screaming out in silence
I want so badly to help
But you've built so many walls
And it's so hard to me to tear them all down
With my own two hands
They're bloody from the effort
Of trying to reach you
I'd gladly go through hell for you
If it would ease the pain
You are so obviously feeling now

(Sing on, bright angel)
I can't take this
(Sing on, bright angel)
I am dropping out of the song
(Sing on, bright angel)
Ignore the tragedy of another lost
(Sing on, bright angel)
Before the music ends, I'm done