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Spine Song

This song is by Cake Bake Betty and appears on the album Songs About Teeth! (2006).

When you're down for the count
You are dancing with men going round and around
And your scared and your sure
That your spine will dissolve you will fall to the floor
You will take what you need
And the headaches will come but at least you can breathe
There's the smoke fills your lungs
We will wait for the day will rejoice when it comes
On your birthday you woke up
The snow was on the ground
You opened books and peaked inside
They kissed you on your crown
With pins in your fingers
You held yourself up high
The picture peeled the person
They let themselves divide

You arrive at the place
It is not what you want
But it was you chase
So you don't have to hold
All of the candles that burn on their own
You will steal all the smells
That cut through your nose and excite all your cells
When its time to escape
You realize you waited until it's too late

Your birthday inflated the bones with which your creep
They stole your shoes and brought you to the caverns of your teeth
You pleeded oh kind sir please let me say goodbye
Your soul ripped fom your stomach you gave an awful cry
A cry
A cry
A cry
A cry

And when I have died
Will you use my spine?
To swing from tree to tree in search of places pleasing to the eye
(3 times)

I said I'm sorry dear
I said I'm sorry dear
But you don't listen
No you don't listen
You silly little girl

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