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Album by Cake.
  1. Opera Singer (4:07)
  2. Meanwhile, Rick James... (3:57)
  3. Shadow Stabbing (3:07)
  4. Short Skirt/Long Jacket (3:24)
  5. Commissioning a Symphony in C (2:59)
  6. Arco Arena (1:31)
  7. Comfort Eagle (3:40)
  8. Long Line of Cars (3:24)
  9. Love You Madly (3:58)
  10. Pretty Pink Ribbon (3:08)
  11. World of Two (3:41)


  • Vincent DiFiore - trumpet, keyboards and backing vocals
  • John McCrea - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, bass, drum programming and percussion
  • Xan McCurdy - electric guitar, percussion and backing vocals
  • Gabriel Nelson - bass guitar, keyboards and backing vocals
  • Todd Roper - drums, percussion, moog and backing vocals

Additional MusicianEdit

  • Tyler Pope - additional keyboards and electric guitar on "Opera Singer", "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" and "Arco Arena (instrumental)"
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