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This song is by Caitlyn Smith.

The sun peaks it's golden face around the trees,
And the air, fresh and crisp, and the horizon sings with colored leaves,
And I stand tall against the rainbowed sky,
And I sing loud into the rain.

And I fall into your arms again.
For you've made this picture I live in.
And it's so beautiful,
So beautiful...

The twilight whispers its song quietly,
And the stars sing to you with their own melody.
All I wish I wish is to be where you are,
To see your face,
To know you heart!

'Cause you're so beautiful,
So beautiful...

Oh I'll dance and sing with all my soul,
Of the freedom I now know,
You alone have made me whole...

You've made me beautiful,
So beautiful...

You've made me whole,
You've made me beautiful.
And when you see me you'll say that,
Oh that I am...

Beautiful, beautiful, you've made me beautiful...

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