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I Have Awakened

This song is by Cage and appears on the album Ancient Evil (2015).

There we stood paralyzed in the starry night as the creature slowly slithered
Its way towards the few of us that were still alive. As it towered over us it was
Deep inside our conscious minds in complete control of our nervous systems

Then, all at once I was bombarded with a rush of its psychic memories and
Impressions as it communicated an impossible amount of data to me in a
Way that would have driven most men mad

Were that I was able to explain to you the cosmic nature of this forbidden
Knowledge, but alas, the human language is laughably inadequate and
Incapable of such description. Let it be said that the creature is made up of
Harnessed, concentrated, pure evil.

Born from a race as old as the stars themselves and quite transdimensional
As well it seems. Then it spoke to us a message that still echoes in my head
To this day.

"You are to be my vessels, my slaves, for I have awakened." Then it sealed
Itself back within the massive stone sarcophagus from which it came.
We labored for weeks as we dragged it across the desert to the nearest
Seaport. It was quite easy to commandeer some pirates who lusted for gold,
To take us and our new master here to London.

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