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Saint And Sinner

This song is by Caedmon's Call.

If you want my glory, you gotta to take my sin
If you want my future, you gotta to take my skin
If you want my heart, you gotta to take my blood
If you want my bed, you gotta to take my lust

'Cause I can't be a half a man;
No, I'm not a half a man.
Lord knows I love you now;
But a saint and a sinner is what I am.

If you want my spirit, you gotta take my booze
If you want my mystery, you gotta take my clues
If you want my child, you gotta take my kin
If you want my money, you gotta to take my rent

And it doesn't get better, once you've seen the light
You wait to find the fight has just begun
I used to be a damned mess but now I look just fine,
'Cause you dressed me up and we drank the finest wine

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