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This song is by Caedmon's Call and appears on the album The Guild Collection Vol. 2 (1998).

Lately I've been thinking about some pretty strange things
More than I'll admit
Like the exact moment that milk goes bad
And even then isn't it good for something
But not as much about why bad things happen to good folks
And age old questions
But more about why good things happen at all
And why I don't notice them

I should spend more time laughing at myself
I should spend more time laughing

You sing to me of dragons
You sing to me of businessmen
And glorious potentiality
And what it all has to do with me

I'll be the first to tell you that I never was too smart
Or I had no patience
'Cause I never cared for science
Or studying commerce of distant nations
But now you're teaching me of the people behind me
And how I become them
And of all the joys of history
And all night fasting and contemplation

I know my prayers are common
And my words are simple
And I'm absent-minded
But if there's one thing you've taught me
It's of my freedom and how to find it

You sing to me of silence
You sing to me of bride and groom
And beauty of a new perspective
I see the truth reflected

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