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​Growing Away

This song is by Cadywoompus.

Growing away
(By Jordan Crowder)

I remember him, he was a good kid
We were best friends and hung out all the time
We had our fun, we'd never commit a crime

Then he got old and went to high school
Suddenly he cared a bout being cool
Thought it would be fun and hung out with the thugs
Remember when you said, you would never do those d.rugs

Uh oh! It happened again
Lost another one of my friends
The power of asociation is so strong
Alters your judgement, can't see right from wrong

I remember her, she was a straight edge g.irl
Soon became victim of the world,
Liberal Media and high school science
Forgot your roots, and sold your conscience

I Won't let it happen again
Won't losse another one of my friends
Take it from me, I've been there before
Think of these words before you walk out that door