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​Electricuted Youth Leader

This song is by Cadywoompus.

Electricuted youth leader
(By Jordan Crowder and Kristian Matte)

It was a Friday night
To tell you the truth,
I didn't want to go to youth,
So as I was wondering about,
I figured I would try it out

Then it came, I Got a call,
Guess We Can Go to the mall,

Cause today's the day JF got fried,
He is crazy! he could have died,
I'll bet when he grabbed that wire he cried

So it looks Like, No youth tonight
But he didn't see that bright light,
'Cause with God's strength, power and might
JF survived that shockfull night

JF said, it was just a spark
It didn't even leave a mark,
Usually when shocked, the pain will l.inger,
All it hurt was his baby finger

(Buzz Buzz! Buzz Buzz!)