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At Wit's End

This song is by Cadillac Blindside and appears on the album Read The Book, Seen The Movie (2000).

Your photogenic face, must have missed the train
I'd advise checking the baggage claim
Those new eyes disturb me, they lost that youthful glow hearing spoken evils from your throat
Days used to be so innocent, decisions came easy now indecisive common sense makes your life crazy
Faster paced and complicated space, strung along for weeks
Three years ago you held control
A turn for the worst
Wanna make a bet? the friends that you make, just want to drop you and then break you
That might be the case
I'm at my wit's end
Thank you for the stab
Thanks for the stab in the back, my dear friend
Your starry, starry eyes slipped into a decline it's not hard to grab that noose and climb one damn check it didn't cash, two too many mishaps, if you slip and fall your neck might snap

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