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The Cadets (1966)Edit

The Cadets - The Cadets
The Cadets
  1. Stranded in the Jungle
  2. Annie Met Henry
  3. Love Bandit
  4. Heaven Help Me
  5. Don't Be Angry
  6. Baby Ya Know
  7. Ring Chimes
  8. If It Is Wrong
  9. So Will I
  10. Church Bells May Ring
  11. You Belong to Me
  12. Rolling Stone
  13. Dancing Dan
  14. I Cry
  15. Rum Jamaica Rum
  16. I Got Loaded
  17. Fools Rush In
  18. Do You Wanna Rock
  19. I'll Be Spinning
  20. Hands Across the Table
  21. Let's Rock and Roll
  22. Pretty Evey
  23. Memories of You

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