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Falling Apart

This song is by Cadence.

And I don't know why things seem so strained
And lately this has been so hard
I'm fallin' apart without your love
I'm fallin' apart
And I don't think that things will change
Unless we open up our hearts
I'm fallin' apart without your love
I'm fallin' apart

I know sometimes I seem cold, I don't mean to be
Angel, let me tell you what you mean to me
You're a queen to me, beautiful, intelligent
So what they say about you is irrelevant
Beautiful skin, Gods gift to men
When you speak, everybodys listenin
When you smile, we all smile and vice versa
So I've got no respect for any person trying to hurt ya
You're my sister and I'm your brother
The Lord made us to be strong in eachother
Like two parts of a puzzle, we fit perfectly
I don't want you to hurt no more, because you're hurtin' me
You're the whole Earth to me
Woman you're my sister, my mother, my friend and my lover
My self and my seed, too, woman, I need you
I'm here now and I won't leave you

Brother, what could make you hate me?
I ain't your competition, were on the same team
We got the same dreams, and the same goals
We walk beside eachother on the same roads
We got the same Father, dog, look up
Lookin' around at your surroundings got you all shook up
You can't concern yourself with matters of the world
When you've gotta put food in the mouth of your little girl
Your family needs you to be strong
And Ima be around if you need a shoulder to lean on
Don't forget this you know what's righteous
And they do too, that's why they don't like us
But they can't fight us if they can't break us apart
Look at your brother man you're breaking my heart

I had to be real with myself
My actions in some form or fashion was killing myself
I was so full of myself out in the streets
I would burn bridges just to feel the heat
Hard head make a soft ass
But I was awoke by all the homies I saw pass
And then I understood life moves too fast
And ends too soon, but once in a blue moon
God reaches down from the skies above
And fills one human beings heart with love
And they're a beacon of hope in the middle of hate
And these are the only people we should ever imitate
Jesus and Gandhi and Che and Martin
Without these people wed be fallin' apart and
I'm just trying to change the way that I'm living
Really, man, I'm just trying to make it to heaven

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