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Lire Of Redemption

This song is by Cadaveres and appears on the album Evilution (2008).

Take my advice, free your mind
Hope the rest of us'll follow blind
Improve inside, don't back down
You're the ruler of your life

After to many it does good
If we sink ourselves
Not to see what's goin' on
Two wrongs make one right"
When we hit the blank walls
Sadly we turn back
With our matters we're all alone
And we're left by

Despite all sins pain and guns,
Get our heart and eyes open wild
So peel off our complexes,
Let the beast exorcised

After livin'in a fog
Withdrawn into ourselves
We don't break those walls at all
Livin' deaf, dumb, blind
We're makin' our own ghosts
By we can't change (the) past
With our matters we're all alone
And we can't hide

Despite all the things said and done,
Get our heart and eyes opened up
So take care of our soul's garden,
To become purified

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