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Baby Save Me

This song is by Cactus Patch.

Baby save me, you're the only one I need
Come now, right now, don't wait a minute.

It's twenty below, I want to know
Why won't the lake freeze.
I don't believe ever since Eve
Gave me her stolen fruit.
It feels like I'm blind, so ticks time
And I'm mortal now,
Walk with a limp, injured and stiff,
Who can I thank for this gift?

All throughout, the garden fades away.
I'm sweating blood, I burn like hell and say,
"If you could change the way I see us
Open my eyes just like Jesus."
If there's one thing I know, only you can
Save my life.

Head and shoulders above the rest
I tell myself that you're the best.
Eaten my fill, but hungry still
And everything feels like it's cold.
Fools gold in my pocket,
I've chased rainbows where I thought they'd lead.
Wasted my time, I slowly died
But in love I'm reborn tonight.

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