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This song is by Cacophony and appears on the album Speed Metal Symphony (1987).

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Cacophony Lyrics

"Cacophony Savage lyrics"

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He's a warrior, I'm unrestless.
Don't know how much I take.
I'm a savage, raging fury.
From the [ref?] you can stay.
I'm going to hurt. I'm hunting for you.
You're gonna wish
You never crossed me when I [crow?]
I'm in a race, [startin'?] a pray.
Now, burning [ash?] you never let you get away.
I'm a savage, oh, in the night. 2x
Get ready for a chance,
But you don't stand a chance.
I'm a winner, you're a loser.
This is your final chance.
Savage, I'm a savage, oh, in the night. 2x

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