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This song is by Cabin.

Dwindle and wither away
Along with the hours and days.
They evaporate, to say the least.
A little bit more than we need
From the coat tails and their office talk,
Like the clockwork of the Oxford Clock.
Collectively everything making the world go around,
So we're told.

When your on some high,
It all amounts to a long way down.
Though along the way you might die,
As life turns out.
Call it what you like.

Come one, come all.
You all should know.
Don't shy away,
Come see the faces.
That bleed the same and came from one.
Let what you hear ring in your eardrums.

Come one, come all.
You all should know what is hard to see.
When you aim to please, but shoot to kill,
Alarms are the last things to ring in their ears.

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