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This song is by Cab Calloway and appears on the compilation album 1932-1934 (1990) by Cab Calloway and His Orchestra.

Evening breezes hum their lullaby
There's a million candles in the sky
I put on my Sunday suit of blue
Emaline, just for you

Now I'm standing at your garden gate
And the village clock is striking eight
Hurry up
Hurry down
Honey, don't be late

Can't you hear my heart
Whisper through your window
Don't you think that it's about time
For me and you to meet

Have you told your friends, dear
Have you told your people
Then hurry up to drop them a line
About our wedding to be

In the church there's an old bell ringer
And he's just waiting for the time
When I put my ring on your finger
And making you mine

So, all I do is wait
For that Sunday morning sun to shine
When I'm gonna walk down the line
Hand in hand with Emaline

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