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Do It Again

This song is by Cab Calloway and appears on the compilation album Cab Calloway 1939-1940 (1991).

I love the way you kiss
Do it again
I love the way you miss
Do it again
The sugar drips from your two lips
Oh, so honey won't you kiss me again

I love the way you smile
Do it again
And every once and a while
Do it again
Oh, there it goes that wrinkled nose
I'd love to see you do it again

You have a way of flirtin'
That's why I'm certain
From now on, you are mine
Oh, there's no denyin'
How lucky I am
Oh! Oh! That's chillin' my spine

So won't you hold me tight
Kiss me again
And when we say "Good night"
Do it again
Oh, if one little kiss can bring said's bliss
You simply got to do it, do it, do it again

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