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Gettin' My Dough

This song is by Ca$his.

(Feat. the federation)

Some time's I talk to the lord some times I talk to the devil some times I smoke that purple and it takes me to another level some time's I think about pussy but then I forget about pussy I keep on hustlin' 'cause I don't wanna be no pussy so then I think about ballin' been a boss since stright shot callin' I was tought by the best of the g's and they said don't ask thire opponet I think about my baby mama all the fights and excess drama imma slap the taste out her face and spit on her just like a lama I think about mac's and glock's and all them trifllin' things why can't I think like malcome and martin luther king, I think about shiny things like platnium pinky rings livin' like a rock star sniffin' a-1 yola cream I think about lambourgini's big booties in lil' bikini's if I rap or flip this dope than I won't need 3 wishes from no geni so I rep that fair game that's the way I make my change fed up till da day I die ain't a god damn than gon change

I'm ridin' slow gettin' my dough and I high than a motherfucker breakin' these hoes in my brand new cloths and I'm higher than a mothefucker [x2]

I'm in the magnium with the 22' taller than ur daughter said her girlfriend wanna ride with a balla' creep real slow through the hood what's next the ac blowin' real chili on my neck these 15 shots ain't good fo' ur health in the rear view jus lookin' at my self I pop one feelin' weird on some slow mo ca$his picked me up in the all black lowlow bitch ass niggas all wanna be me with a dingy dumb broad that I met in the oc I'm gettin' brain she doin' her thang she wanna look at the boy and play with my chain mr. matic high on some space shit bitch I got a wife I don't want no relationship so I am what iam and I are what I are get yo fake gucci purse and get outta my car biitch!

Blaze the trail I can sell anythang for major mail I the g'ist nigga on the seen far as I can tell live from hell popin' pal shake the game mackval'i daily makein' these bitches do what I can nail indistrie woos from you nigga I rebell then hit the studio with semi's and a box of shell's I take a lot of thangs chump nigga not a ale I'm winning big and I ain't even had my record sell locked up 55 thou post the bail got fresh and hit the court room like yeah I'm a general blood by doing coom bogish boy alumni ca$his that dude nigga's be bragin' like stands I won't do imma ship 2 mill and sell em' all smooth you know the bitches love me 'em sendin' money so what I think about ur fillings towards me nutthin'

(Cours x2)

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