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I hate you
I want you
I can read those words
From that pose of yours
On that white sheet
You are like a woman
But you don't want to be a woman
And you don't want me to be a man

You are an entourage of black cars and you are infinite
As always in books where only one version is told
I do not recognize any purple that needs to be bowed down to
I do not recognize that I want to, and cannot leave

I am yours
If you want so
I am yours
Like your heart
Fluctuating, raging
If you want so
I am yours

I want you
I want to hate you
The beast with two backs
Rages on the plains of the night
Soon time and space will be forgotten
And the leather covers and the guilt
And on the nulled face
Stays the persistence of memory

Did I count too much on you and will I be dissapointed
I'm looking for a book to trust, in wich we are told of
The colours of the altarpiece that we so carefully tried to capture
Fade away and so this play also ends with tradegy

I remember the animals of dreams
How they can speak
How the one with the golden mask
Sneaks into the hallway