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In the midday of life
I also got lost in a dark forest
In the songs of Ante Meridians
The longing of evenings
Faces speak their own language
Learn to laugh their sorrow
And the fragile boxes of life
Watch eachother's wondering

A step and a stop at a time
One correct and one upside-down
Look for a road that glows
A trail that speaks

It's in the movement of your hands
It's in the lights of the sky
It's during day and night and always
It's here and it's elsewhere
It doesn't speak and can't answer
I've understood this in light of it

Winter brought us to this place
Where we rest side by side
We learn more about one another
Learn to give up on time

I might not know what to do
Though sometimes I am sure
And sometimes I lie down quietly
And dare only to doubt

If I only tried to speak in words
The pieces of touch left in my hands
Must let go, and reconsider
Myself and others