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Spaceship (feat. PRo)

This song is by Canon, features PRo and appears on the album Blind World (2011).

Shocking ain't it
Gone have Tape dis
This gone make yo face lift like a space ship

Thought you done seen it all
Aye some gone hate this
This gone make yo face lift like a space ship

Canon Verse:
He so super straight my poppa he so super great
He's the author and the finisher of the believers faith
Kinfolk we gone negotiate
God and his supremacy
Couse they say he ain't worthy of our worship and our energy

Wants to to be acknowged
Attention from errbody
He demand you look him straight in his face and then pay him homage

More than a simple how you doing see that's the problem
They don't see 'em as valuable or incredible nor astonishing

You set aside your bible with it and see how much he sovereign with it
Look up at all creation
Some fools say well he probably didn't

Nope aye look this evident
Can't nobody make elements
And make everything from exnihilo like my daddy did

Stop now drop now look up to the top now

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