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Gang Related

This song is by C.J.Mac.

(Feat. Daz Dillinger, Tray Deee, Wc)

(Dat Nigga Daz)
Yeah, call up my gangbangin ass homeboys
Tray Dee, CJ Mac, and WC
What's happenin' nigga?

(Cj mac)
One time...
On this, Long Beach historic collaboration
Dub-C, Tray Deee, Daz, and CJ Mac
Real riders... real riders, do real things
Real riders, do real things
Ha ha, yeah, thought you knew

She sells, sea shells, by the seashore
It's time to she s-h-ome mo', skanless
See me in the Benny posted up sippin Remi
All you side is riders round me every time you bust you see me
Barrio, Rolando, five plus one
Numero, never dos, saggin five-oh-ones
Gangbanger fuck that (westside!) take the cash flo'
Peace treaty what? Save the drag low
My enemies be slidin through here, fuckin' with these bitches
That I be callin my little sisters
Get your dick sucked, cost that ass half a bird
Fuckin' with them hista-bitches get that ass served
Tie them up, holla me up, do this all the time
Don't say shit, or watch that ass catch a nine (pow...)
Real riders do shit that real riders do
Long Beach and South Cen-tral, for real crimin fool

[WC] Ollie ollie all on G!
[Daz] Get a pistol whippin if that ass start trippin' (Ooh-ooh!)
[WC] Ollie ollie all on G!
[Daz] Survival of the fittest and it's up to us to get it

(Tray dee)
It ain't no pity in my city told you once befo'
Think you're pretty come here kitty get your lumps for sho'
Get your guns ready jump if you Gump steady bump
Cause ain't none here be punks what we hump Chevy trucks
Penny chumps get they bluff called, swift
Pig bow down to dust all quick
Every bitch get her kicks off the deez and switch
Ain't no guessin who the next you spend the evenin with
This the life niggaz like, killin' fights and violence
Breakin in the days from fillin nights with sirens
Smilin' only when I hear the enemy passed on
And blast on the last known nigga to act wrong
Been sane insane since named surface
Doin' what it take, motherfuck if it's worth it
The turf come first (westside!) all the rest is secondary
Most other niggaz killers only if it's necessary
Daz know they ass can't fade it (straight up)
Long Beach to SC, stayin Gang Related

Kill-a-forn-ia, home of the color bandanas
Where niggaz are known for set trippin' givin' they bang on four-eleven
AK-47, Chuck Taylors and K-Cutters
Gettin' on my sag on, blast on, as I mash on you busters
Rollin' in my Coupe Do' with the dura-clip
Full of niggaz with jheri curls, perms, and a toothpicks
Fuck a rap record, I run with niggaz with jail records
Tats on they necks, blue brownies and hairnets
Two-strike victims, niggaz with full counts
No smiles, quick to knock your bitch-ass out
Caught in these Westside activities, drivebys and casualties
Lord please forgive me for this gangbang mentality
But I was raised by a crew of straight killer's niggaz
Pulin triggers on trenches and knick kickers
No studio gangsters just niggaz affiliated
Dub-C, Tray Deee, and C Mac, gang related

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