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King Of The Clover

This song is by C-Note and appears on the album Network'n (2006).


King of the Clover man, you think you niggaz run it
Everything you done did, man you know that I done done it
Make you sick to your stomach, make you niggaz wanna bum it
Cause you seen us doing shows, in the motherfucking Summit

It's C-Note nigga, going block for block
Use to catch me on the cut, going rock for rock
Niggaz hating, 'cause they see me on my way to the top
So they was hating when they see my Burbo on chops
King of the Clover mayn, I thought you knew
First nigga touch the mic, freestyle on Screw
Niggaz trying to get that pap' mayn, do what it do
Nigga coming down wrecking mayn, keeping it true
Mayn gotta shout out, to Big Dez on lock
Know we do step out, it's big cribs and yachts
When you step out, nigga we on top
When you step out, your fucking album drops
It's all to the good, nigga we all hood
Niggaz try to plot, but the point is understood
We own candy yachts, and we tipping waiters
Nigga eat shrimp, steak and alligators

Now who is this little nigga, think he live like me
I see you copying my style, but you ain't fly like me
Say you down with Botany, but you's a H-O-E
Seen you out in ATL, guess you PSC
And PSE, that means you a pussy
Copying ass nigga, on the block straight dushing
Clover block straight whooping, but what you gon do
If you a nigga tuck your tail, and what we gon do
Try to square up, like what's up with that
But you so weak, your bitch held you back
If you so hard, then pick up your slack
Gon try to run up, I'll lay your weak ass flat
And I don't give a fuck, about T.I. kid
Get your ass knocked out, like T.I. did
And my boy Big Dez, still doing a bid
If niggaz run up, I'll close they lid
I guess you wanna squash it, what you told Lil' James
But you ain't keep it live, still playing them games
Weak ass niggaz, ain't welcome in my house
I'm about to show you cowards, who run the fucking South
Got gold's in my mouth, got ice on my wrist
C-Note from the Clover, repping Screwed Up Click
Every nigga out of line, then I'm killing you quick
Yeah your new album dropped, but we ain't feeling your shit


What up Will-Lean, where you at
(Man I'm over here off Scott man, where you at)
Ah man, I'm over here off Botany and Donagale mayn
Come swoop me up mayn, trying to go hit a stang
Go network a lil' bit mayn, (iight I'm on my way my nigga)

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