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This song is by C-Los and appears on the album Get It How U Live (2007).

(Feat. Romeo)

(Hook: Romeo (C-Los))
Ay dawg lemme see if you 'bout it 'bout it
Ay miss lemme see ya get 'bout it 'bout it (uh huh)
Some say I'm loco but (uh huh) I'm so cold
Dawg I'm so throwed I'm 'bout it 'bout it (yeah)
Ay dawg lemme see if you 'bout it 'bout it (uh huh)
Ay miss lemme see ya get 'bout it 'bout it (uh huh)
Some say I'm loco but (yeah) I'm so cold
Dawg I'm so throwed I'm 'bout it 'bout it (uh huh)

(Verse: C-Los)
I'm 'bout it (?) what you 'bout you think I ain't then come and find me
I'm Queens in my head I'm kinda like my daddy grinded
He wont jack shit on my lap where my chrome at
Then nigga if you lapped like the jack wear ya own stacks
Me, I'm a fly guy so still don't try I
'Cause I do ya like 50 Whoadi give ya nice shies (blow)
Gutta Boy (blow) fresh P. Millers any vies white tees
At duck, yeah I'm sharper than a lees the quite type (shhh)
Don't you know the real gangstas walk asides
I know its true 'cause I was the first one to start to a rise
If you talk to me wit the wrong talk Imma deal wit ya
Put the time into ya boy, kinda like heal fitter
G.U.T.T.A. that's my click dawg
We the type of niggaz you don't wanna get wit dawg (uh huh)
Put my hand on my waist nigga let the fifth fall
Let the bullets fly and take ya all hip off (yeah)

(Hook: Romeo (C-Los))

(Verse: C-Los)
Look I'm C-Losta my flow is cold nobody's comin' harder
And ain't no shots that I had these niggaz runnin' like bail farter (oh)
I'm havin' that attack but I go blast and let ya back
And put my, talent on the track and leave ya damn is the tack
What it is, come and see me if you want a piece of me
I keep the heat, then I had these niggaz singin' like Sheila E. and what it be
I'm under stackin so you know how I be actin'
I be flippin in the wagging and in the day I be packin
I don't take these lil niggaz wanna try to play me
'Cause I'm colder keep the heat I'm just like a A.C.
And get ya chick, 'cause she smilin' all in Los' face
Before I have her slappin on me like a pillowcase
What you ain't heard of me I heard of you don't make me have to murder u
And I can top off I treat ya head like a convertible
I takes none and give some, and give some and takes nothin' (gutta)
Turn pro actin' for the great I like them face bumps fake ass

(Hook x2: Romeo (C-Los))

(Outro: C-Los)
What you bout nigga
Y'all niggaz always runnin' ya mouth nigga
Fake ass niggaz
You gotta get gutta round here homeboy
Stay hood
Stay street
Me, Rome, just did that thing some nasty
They'll be 'bout it 'bout it
Scream and shout
Don't doubt

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