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Raised In Hell

This song is by C-Bo and appears on the album Til My Casket Drops (1998).

(Feat. Big Skye)

(Verse One: C-Bo)

I was born in hell without a pistol
Now how can I survive with one live without a vest and 4-5?
Runnin' from the Task Fo' but smashin for my cash
Bankin corners, hop it then I blast on their ass
See them piggies want me dead for sure or in the pen
Doin' 10, instead of me in my Benz on some twins
Sippin Hen, smokin' indica bomb
And keep my pedal to the metal till I'm high and gone
I know you rich niggas hate me, can I keep it real and feel this rap shit?
Didn't make me, got out the pen and flip the '97
Drop Mercedes, I'm the *?placenta?* of no love
Till the lord save me, straight thugs that'll dump slugs
Till they fuckin' grave, mass murder motherfuckers to the front page
When we hit, we empty clips till we get paid
I've been a slave from my cradle to the grave
Nigga, fuck the world, I was raised in hell

(Chorus: C-Bo)

That's why we buck shit down and yell "Fuck the world!"
I'd rather die here in hell then die doin' life in jail
But take the shot with a Mac 12, order hits on the pack tailed
From the block to Wotts, we are thug niggas raised in hell

(Verse Two: Big Syke)

I'm bailin through the set wit a 40, smokin' a cigarette
Blastin my radio, oldie tunes by The Marvalettes
Gangbangin vets on parole as I stroll through
They rassle Gz like two craps and they strapped too
Oh how I love these niggas but I hate 'em with a passion
But I ride for these motherfuckers, when I don't even ask
Thug fashion from head to toe, I let the world know
That this is Thug Life, motherfucker, till I leave this ho
So as my knuckles drag the concrete, big homies hit the streets
Transgressions under pressure, preyin on the weak
I sink like a fish, I wish upon a ghetto star
If the enemies come through and ride on me they won't get far
Big homey got out, hold 22's on a hang
Runnin' around, sweatin motherfuckers, talkin' bout "Let's throw them thangs"
Bang, I hit him with a bat and heard his skull crack
Then I got *?him the wind in the trach?* till he shattered, to get the Mac

(Verse Three: C-Bo)

It ain't no love for bitch niggas
As I dump slugs and pull the plug on you bitch niggas
Pick up my phone and have some thugs hit you trick niggas
Wit on gloves or low tommy guns on them stitch niggas
Hit niggas with H-K's, split niggas with AK's when we mash for the cash
Doin' a hundred, blastin buck shots off in that ass
True outlaws ready for war, souls will never die
The same day we meet death, the same day we ride
Dumpin slugs with Tek 9's, more bulletproofs my 4-5
I just let 'em fly, screamin out "Bitch nigga die"
We's about be a killer nigga, look outside
Tell me one reason why I should pray for eternal life
Born and taught in hell, with a gun store on every corner
Bodyguard, bulletproof doors, it's hard to be a goner
Strapped with heat, these West Coast streets of Killafornia
From day one, they have straps on em, 'cause we was raised in hell

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